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About Creative Director, Jesus Silva

Jesus Silva is a proud born Texan; He was born in Waco Tx and graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with B.As in advertising and public relations. He’s had over ten years of professional marketing experience working with several organizations, including the Better Business Bureau and the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department. He’s developed a niche in web management, SEO, graphic design, email marketing, and orchestrating effective marketing strategies.

Fun Facts about Jesus, he’s also a professional mariachi musician specializing in vocals and violin. He’s applied his marketing talents and services with several mariachi bands and small businesses in Texas; helping them enhance their online presence and branding to increase overall customer reach. Over the years he’s become proficient in generating leads and producing visual designs that catch people’s curiosity.

He is a firm supporter of our local DFW economy. He firmly believes that the local communities can invest in its schools, neighborhoods, and quality of life by shopping locally.
There’s a belief that small businesses and stores are declining because online retailers are sponging up all the customers. That’s not the truth—the is the truth is small businesses are in the decline because adapting to technological advancements is slow thus, making it walk in the park for national competitors to take the market share from our local economy. Many times, national competitors convince communities that they offer the lowest prices, when, in fact, their prices are overly marked high. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t realized that there is a wealth of online resources available today. It’s possible for small businesses to compete for market share at a rate national competitors won’t see coming.

Here at Chuy’s Marketing, we believe that the age we live in is rapidly changing, and so are our purchasing behaviors. We are vigilant on keeping up with the economy’s forecast—always searching for growth opportunities.

We will work to help your business succeed. We have a vivid investment in making sure your business will experience growth. We understand business operations and cost, so we will look for practical solutions and offer products/services designed to enhance your customer reach. Our success depends on your success.

Visit my Blog, Chuy’s Journal, as we critique and explore marketing tips, strategies, and topics relevant to our local industries. Also, be on the lookout for hidden links containing coupons and discounts throughout our website.

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